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Following the release of 2nd artist album ‘’Drape’’, written with fellow band members Stephane Fedele, Tom Stadnicki & Lukas Melville and a string of live shows in Belgium, France, UK & Germany, Belgian producer & DJ Mugwump is now releasing the 9 instrumentals from the LP plus a solid side-collection of 9 remixes from like- minded artists and friends… 22/03 + 04/04

“Drape”, an electronic-indie fusion, was a foray into the Interzone between Post-Punk, Indie Pop, Psych, Noise and a change of direction for the reknowned techno-disco producer who has a solid recording catalogue of releases for labels such as Kompakt, R&S, Gigolo or International Feel. The LP has received props from the likes of Mixmag, Uncut, Ransom Note, DaMusic, Indiestyle or Louder Than War and Mugwump now comes now full-circle to demanding and exuberant electronic club music without compromises with a Beatport exclusive advance release (two weeks) of 9 remixes by like-minded friends and artists :

The Hacker, the French ambassador of all things electro & 80’s since the noughties (Zone records)
Curses, who blends rock with the darker side of disco and flashes of EBM, new-wave & post-punk (his debut LP « Romantic Fiction » is out now on Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno)
Vox Low, the French postpunk/psych/electro band producing music for the aftermath of a cathartic experience, to help you rediscover what punk, rock and electronica really should be about – gut feeling (Born Bad)
Krikor, the mighty French producer has been recording prodigious music for 20 years with a flurry of influences in a one-of-a-kind sound identity in which dub, Chicago house and the dirtiest of rocks frantically mate (recently released an LP on L.I.E.S and regularly soundtracks fantastic TV documentaries).
Max Pask has been creating a stir with his killer remixes recently and here he has stepped-up his game. He co-runs & releases on NYC’s Throne Of Blood records and has a super EP out imminently on Soulwax’s Deewee records together with NYC legend Justin Strauss
Rheinzand, the new Belgian supergroup with Mo Disko (The Glimmers), Reinhard (Das Pop) and Charlotte (The Happy) + drummer Stephane Misseghers (Deus/ex- Soulwax) and bassist Bruno Coussee (Manngold). Their music gets a lot of plays from Harvey and is released on Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques De La Mort.
Subfield’s Front De Cadeaux are Belgo-Italian producers Hugosan & DJ Athome have coined their own distinct druggy, slow, and dubby sound by playing specially long dj set selected 12-inch 45s at 33 rpm.
Strapontin is the new Belgian producer to emerge from the Brussels scene, he fuses cold disco, slow techno & queer thoughts (recent releases on Optimo Music, I’m a Cliché or Nein)
Rawakari (Vlek) under his new VoiceKoder alias, he creates subtle electronic convulsions carrying fragments of jazz, dub techno and tribal music. Dwelve in…